Established in 1995, Ondra-Huyett is based in the Lehigh Valley and the result of Mike Ondra and Keith Huyett’s original vision: collaborate with owners, designers, and subcontractors to deliver the highest quality project results. Do it economically, efficiently and at the lowest risk to all parties.  It’s a model that works and one that quickly positioned our company as a leader in eastern Pennsylvania’s construction industry.

But to really know who we are is to understand how we do business.

Before we move a yard of dirt, we build a prudent plan.  One that is relentlessly assessed to unearth any pitfalls, ensure schedules are realistic, dollars are wisely allocated and every efficiency is considered.  We become a strategic partner to our clients providing straight answers, full disclosure of project details and an approach that minimizes stress and risk.

As a team, we thrive on a challenge and view each project as a new puzzle, an opportunity to collaborate, innovate and excel.  And whether it’s a corporate headquarters, mission-critical data center, medical facility, ski lodge or cosmetic upgrade to an existing building, we take pride in our final product as well as the process through which it was accomplished.

Our mission statement guides every action and decision we make as individuals and as an organization.


Provide unsurpassed service, quality, and value to our clients as we achieve their construction objectives in a collaborative environment with our design professionals, contractors, and suppliers


Committing our best efforts in the pursuit of the interests of all parties. Utilizing and leading responsive and productive project teams. Honoring our obligations and commitments. Utilizing innovative and effective methods. Being proactive by taking the initiative. Helping each other.


Sustain relationships of trust, respect, fairness, and integrity. Survive and thrive as a profitable and enduring business. Improve, excel, and succeed in our individual and corporate performance. Take pride in our final product, as well as the process through which it was accomplished.

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